Bangalore based motorcycle mechanic caught for building a bike

Saturday 21 January 2012, 14:54 PM by

Syed Yusuf, a motorbike mechanic, from Bangalore has designed and developed a two-wheeler all on his own which has been a dream come true for him. He built a motorcycle from parts belonging to other scooters and bikes. The motorcycle is two and a half feet tall ‘Kawayamahondaharleyzuki’ created from scraps of other motorcycles. However, a cruise on his creation around the city has proved to be quite expensive for him. The motorcycle that he built was taken under custody by the Cubbon Park traffic police this Tuesday.

Rangaswamy, Inspector, Cubbon Park traffic police, said, “We found him riding a bike on Queen’s Road without a registration plate and when questioned, he told us that he had built the bike himself.” Syed Yusuf combined a Bajaj Chetak engine with a Bajaj Sunny chassis and other electronics acquired from other automobiles. Rangaswamy stated that these self-created motorcycles had become a trend among youth as it easily impressed their friends.

Junaid, winner of many motorbike rallies, says that he builds bikes for the purpose of racing and most of them have parts that are imported, enhancing the performance and dependability. He further adds “Such improvements usually cost more than the actual price of the vehicle.”

Rangaswamy said that these two-wheelers have gained popularity after a recent Kannada film featured something similar. “Many mechanics use scrap materials from their own garage to make mini-bikes, which have become troublesome for cops,” he said.

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