1931 Chevrolet owned by Nehru auctioned for Rs. 1150

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Country’s former Prime Minister Nehru had to part his beloved Chevrolet as a punishment imposed by the former British government as a punishment for taking part in the country freedom movement struggle. As reported by sources, Nehru’s Chevrolet that was auctioned for Rs. 1150 was the first target of the local controlled British raj. As per documents received from Regional Archive Office (RAO), Nehru was restricted from moving out of the city and prevented from being an active member of All India Congress Committee that played a vital part in the freedom struggle.

Nehru reportedly defied the order and continued being an active member in the freedom struggle. Reportedly on December 22, 1931 when Nehru was on his way to the Allahabad, he was handed over notice near Cheoki station from District Magistrate H Bomford, stating, "Due to the anti-national activities, you have been ordered to refrain from staging dharna, writing articles, delivering speeches, handing over bills, pamphlets. Further you will not be leaving Allahabad without the permission of Superintendent of Police and District Magistrate."

Reverting to the notice, Nehru replied the next day stating, “I received a notice signed by you purporting to be an order under section 5 of the UP Emergency Power Ordinance 1931. It appears to be your desire to make me a virtual prisoner in Allahabad town and to cut me off my friends and colleagues and prevent me from carrying out the duties, which have been entrusted to me. I like to inform you therefore that I propose to carry on all my usual activities without seeking any permission from you or Superintendent of Police. In particular I have to inform you that I shall leave Allahabad whenever any work demands my presence elsewhere.” Due to this reply, Nehru was imposed an heafty fine of about Rs. 500 on April 18, 1932. As he was not in a position to pay the fine amount, his beloved Chevrolet had to be auctioned for Rs. 1150. The additional amount was of about Rs 449.10 was given to three well known newspapers here who reportedly published the notice for attachment of property, whereas the remaining amount was submitted at treasury.

Source: TOI

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