Sunil Grover With BMW 5 Series

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The television universe from an Indian perspective is a highly competitive one. There’s multiple shows exploring any given genre or theme at a given time & only the best of the best survive. One such series in the world of Indian comedy has been ‘0. Apart from Kapil Sharma, who plays the lead, there was Sunil Grover – the one best known for his character Gutthi.

Sunil grover with bmw 5 series
Sunil grover with bmw 5 series

One of the things about tinsel town is the love for wheels. No sooner than one begins to climb a few rungs on the ladder of success that people make a beeline to the nearest automobile dealer for the swankiest wheels in town. And what the stars prefer, the masses too covet. Which perhaps explains the craze for celebrity cars in India.

BMW cars are often known for their ultimate driving experience and this is evident across the manufacturer’s entire model range. From sports activity vehicles to proper SUV’s – BMW does them all, but nothing defines the German car manufacturer better than their iconic sedans. While the 3-Series is for those with minimal need to ferry passengers in the rear seat, the 7-Series at the other hand is a proper luxo-barge, albeit on the sporting side in keeping with the brand DNA.

The BMW 5-Series however, is the car that manages to hit the sweet spot in the manufacturer’s sedan line-up. The iconic model made its first appearance all the way back in the seventies. Since then, it has been setting the pace for the manufacturer that has made it a force to reckon with in the world. From the signature straight-six motors under the hood, to the corona ring headlamps and the Hofmeister kink in the C-Pillar; the BMW 5-Series has been a trend setter through & through.

Today, the light units both fore & aft have gone slimmer, yet bolder. Turning to advanced LED based lighting elements have improved both, visibility as well as longevity. The signature double-kidney grille too has evolved into a much sharper design over the years. But one thing that remains unchanged is the love affair that people the world over continue to have with the 5-Series.

From Bollywood actors & successful business folk to television actors such as Sunil Grover, everyone’s wanting to announce to the world that they’ve arrived in style as they step out of their BMW cars.

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