Tips To Get Good Fuel Economy From Your Car

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Decent fuel economy of a vehicle not only helps in securing one’s pocket against rising fuel costs but also helps in extending the longevity of your engine and vehicle. It is for this reason everyone right from manufacturers to buyers seem obsessed with the idea of good fuel economy. In a country like India where value-for-money is the sole criteria for buying new car among maximum families, the fuel economy delivered by a vehicle plays significant role in final buying decision. Everyone is busy in sorting out this problem by either going for newer fuel based technologies or taking good fuel economy tips and suggestions to improve the overall fuel efficacy of the vehicle. Here are a few suggestions from our experts that might help you in getting the best car mileage in a long run:

Tips to get good fuel economy from your car
Tips to get good fuel economy from your car
  1. Ensuring The Correct Pressure of Tyres: Not only for the engine, the right pressure in tyres have a huge impact over the fuel efficiency of a car. Keep a regular check over the tyre pressure of your vehicle. Remember that your engine will engulf around 10 per cent extra fuel if the tyre pressure is below recommended PSI. So, all those looking to minimize their fuel bill should always maintain right tyre pressure.

  2. Driving The New Car At Right Gear: Every specific speed level asks for an optimum gear level. Following the right gear for right speed will help in sufficiently decreasing your fuel bills and will also extend your power mill’s life.

  3. Always Keep Fuel Efficiency In Mind: Whenever and wherever you are driving, always devote a part of your attention to the fuel economy of your vehicle. Always accelerate the car very gradually after starting the car. Sudden acceleration often leads to loss of fuel economy and also puts extra exertion on the engine. Also, whenever the speed crosses 60kmph speed mark make sure you are shifting to 5th gear.

  4. Avoid Frequent Throttling Of Brakes, Sudden Acceleration, and Gear Shifts: Remember these three points as the sole pillars of fuel efficiency of your vehicle. A single one falls out of place and your fuel bills will shoot steeply. Step as lightly as possible over the brakes and try not to stop your car whenever you need to slow down its speed.

  5. Avoid Engine Idling: Always refrain from idling of engine whether on traffic lights or for any other purpose. Whenever you have to take a stop for more than 120 seconds, make sure to either put the vehicle on standby mode or switch the engine off. It wouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to ignite your car again but recovering lost fuel efficiency will take much more than that.

  6. Appropriate Use Of Air Conditioner: Never ever start the car putting air conditioner on. Put its controls on off mode whenever you start the car. Remember the times when you only had coolers in home and no air conditioners, even during the hottest months. Did you die? No, right? So, if you could survive then you can survive now a while without AC. Use it only at appropriate times when it is absolutely necessary.

  7. Significance Of Light Travel: Maintaining optimum weight in the car is the key to saving fuel. An overloaded vehicle will definitely lead to higher fuel consumption raising your fuel bills.

  8. Avoid Riding The Clutch Pedal: Always try to stay away from resting your foot on clutch pedal as it can sometimes lead to unwanted clutch slippage. It occurs when you overexert the pedal and release it instantly to stay in one place over inclined plains. It is a short cut to over fuel consumption.

  9. Importance Of Regular Servicing: Regular servicing is the best way to get best fuel economy from your car. A car that gets serviced regularly, consumes around 6-7per cent less fuel than the one with irregularly scheduled ones. It will also keep the engine and other systems of the car in good conditions ensuring overall good health of the vehicle. 

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