Most Common Driving Errors

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There are a number of car driving mistakes that every driver make however proficient they might claim to be. Some of these may lead to collisions and crashes over roads leading to loss of invaluable life and property. The errors not only take place on behalf of drunk, novice, or teen drivers, even the most expert drivers have been known for rash and faulty driving habits. We did some research over the most frequent driving errors that are made by everyday drivers and can be avoided easily. Driving can be a safer and enjoyable experience for all provided drivers can learn to take care of following important car tips:

Most common car driving errors
Most common car driving errors
  1. Not To Get Distracted While Steering The Car: Almost 90 per cent of road accidents and crashes take place due to distracted drivers. Distracted driving happens to be one of the most common driving mistakes. The most distracting things while driving are mobile conversations, taking eyes off from road, trying to operate the dashboard controls over high speeds, texting, eating, and drinking. If you can keep away these things while you steer the car, you will not only ensure your own safety but also the safety of those traveling with you.

  2. Exceeding Speed Limits: It is a common driving error made by most drivers while rushing to destination in metros as well as big cities. Try to manage your time in a way that traffic constraints are included in your estimated time to reach a place. Start off early during rush hours when you know the traffic will be on peak. Also, slow down over the residential area roads and try not to show off your driving skills except for the race tracks.

  3. Drowsy Driving: Night time driving is one of the biggest mistakes you can make especially when you had a hectic day. Try to make your maximum road trips when you are physically active and you are not chased by sleep and drowsiness. In case, you are under heavy medication or drunk, avoid sitting on steering wheel completely.

  4. Absence Of Seatbelt: Believe it, nobody gets an award for avoiding seatbelts. Even if a superhero is driving the car, he/she will wear a seatbelt to ensure safety. Almost, 35 per cent of total drivers included in fatal accidents get injured due to lack of seatbelts. Most of these are teenagers. If you have kids or teenagers in home, sit and talk to them and do not let them develop a habit of avoiding seatbelts.

  5. Drinking And Driving: Though, it is strictly prohibited in India, there is a large chunk of population who are seen breaking this law. Remember, the rule has been made for your own safety, so there is no harm in abiding by this law.

  6. Over Steer Of the Car: This mainly happens due to bad weather conditions or high speeding of a vehicle. The driver loses control over the car which leads to over steering and creates imbalance of the car. Stay calm under such conditions and slowly reduce the steering angle. It will help a lot in preventing accident.

  7. Wrong Mirror Positioning: It is equally important to keep an eye behind the vehicle as it is to keep on the road ahead. So, keep your OVRMs at right angle, it will help you in not losing the sigh of the road ahead and keeping an eye of path behind. 

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