Ported Vs Sealed Subwoofers

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Adding a subwoofer to your system is an effective way to enjoy rich-sounding bass from your car’s stereo system. It’s one of the most popular and widely used car accessories in India.

Ported vs sealed subwoofers
Ported vs sealed subwoofers

But before you buy a subwoofer, you need to understand some basics about this. Basically, there are two types of subwoofers – ported and sealed – both of which have their own pros and cons.  

Difference between sealed and ported sub-woofers

The sealed enclosures are also known as the closed boxes. These are relatively more complex and compact than the ported subs. The sealed enclosures have some trapped air inside that acts like a spring or shock absorber against the subwoofer’s cone. It controls cone or woofer movement so that all the beats are produced uniformly and result firm and perfect bass.

The ported enclosures are also referred as the vented subs. It produces punchier and louder bass than the sealed one. Unlike the sealed enclosure, it has a small vent or hole that redirects sound from the cone’s back, and mixes it with the sound coming from the front that evidently increases loudness of bass.

Sealed car subwoofers


  • Usually, sealed subwoofers are smaller and compact than ported ones.

  • Their sound quality and precision are far better.

  • They provide excellent transient response.


  • Efficiency is the only issue with the sealed subs. Unlike ported enclosures, these subwoofers have trapped air inside that restricts cone movement, and the rear wave dissolves inside the box. It doesn’t add value to the sound or bass output. A high powered amplifier is required to compensate the lost efficiency.

Ported/ Vented car subwoofers


  • Ported enclosure reduces deformation and cone excursion.

  • These provide extra bounce, with in and out air flow through the vent, which is required in certain types of music.  


  • The whistling or bouncy sound produced through the vent could damage the quality of some tracks.

  • These enclosures are more sensitive to weather conditions such as temperature, humidity etc.

  • Due to high internal pressure, the vented subwoofers need to have robust construction and harder design than the sealed enclosures.


The ported enclosure have loud base, while the sealed has firm and accurate bass. If you want to enjoy throbbing and loud bass, then ported subs will solve your purpose. Otherwise, if you like to add some depth to the music, pick the sealed subs. A wide collection of car subwoofers are available on online portals or retail shops for car accessories in India.

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