Advantages Of Electric Cars

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The electric vehicle technology is surely the next big thing, though it’s in initial phase. Some automakers are proactively working on this technology, and as a result we have some really capable cars like Nissan leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla model etc. The conventional internal combustion engines (gasoline and diesel) have higher carbon emission levels that cause pollution and other harmful environmental effects. The electric vehicles help reduce emissions and our dependency on non-renewable energy sources such as petroleum etc.

Advantages of electric cars
Advantages of electric cars

How electric vehicles work?

An electric vehicle consists of rechargeable batteries and an electric motor. The rechargeable batteries produce energy and deliver it to the electric motor for acceleration. It has a controller that directs the power delivery from batteries to the electric motor. The rechargeable batteries also power all the electronic devices in the car. Electric vehicles use approximately 60% of the energy to power the wheels. Their regenerative braking technology allows the vehicle to recharge the battery from the energy released during braking. Most modern technologies have their own pros and cons, so as these electric cars too.

Advantages of electric cars

  • Fast and quiet: Electric motor powered cars are smoother, faster and quieter than the internal combustion engined vehicles. The electric motor instantly transmits power to the wheels as you step on the accelerator, and offers smooth and pleasing driving experience.
  • Easy recharging: Charging electric green cars is much easier than fueling conventional vehicles. You simply need to plug-in the rechargeable batteries to an external power socket. Once the batteries get fully charged, you can run the car for another 80-100 miles or longer. The miles range varies model-wise.
  • Low maintenance cost: Electricity is a ubiquitous and cheaper source of energy than the petroleum or other non-renewable sources. EV’s cost per mile is nearly one-third to the cost of petrol or diesel fuels. Other than the battery replacement, there is no significant cost involved in maintaining an electric car.
  • No carbon emissions: The electric motor driven vehicles have lower carbon emissions, and less environmental impact than the conventional engined vehicles. Carbon emissions are the major cause of air pollution. With lower carbon footprints, these vehicles reduce negative environmental and help in improving air quality.
  • Safe to drive: Electric green cars are safe as the conventional internal combustion engine powered vehicles. Some car models are available with advanced safety features such as airbags, robust braking systems etc. 

Although, electric vehicles have some limitations too, such as long refueling time, limited range, higher cost and lack of infrastructure and consumer choice.

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