Honda Civic - Natural Gas In India

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Recently, the nation has been taken over by green car because of its environment friendliness. Most popular brands are trying to launch at least one variant, which runs on natural gas. Honda Civic cars in India are quite popular because of its stylish looks and high-end performance on the roads. It is but obvious that the brand will launch a CNG version for this car. Although, the Honda Civic CNG is more expensive, slower and a heavier model when compared with a standard Civic, certain buyers around the nation are attracted because of its appealing green credentials and a minimal ownership cost.

Honda civic - natural gas in india
Honda civic - natural gas in india

The newest model of Honda Civic CNG is available across the country and is one of the mainstream models of this brand. Just like the standard Civic model, the green car has recently obtained a lower bumper updated with chrome accents. Apart from this, the natural gas model has also been installed with a more sculpted hood, clear lens corner lights and a black mesh grille with honeycomb detail. At the rear, the model gets an ultra-modern looking bumper and a much lower diffuser panel with the similar honeycomb mesh vent.

More changes can be found in the interiors of the Honda Civic CNG and most of these are an addition to what was already present in the standard models. A centre stack has been designed, which has a squared-off appearance and together with redesigned air vents has lent a much more attractive looking dashboard in the new green car. The top portion of the instrument cluster and the door panels have been provided with a soft-touch material that imparts a more sophisticated touch to this car running on natural gas. A thicker windshield, side widow glasses and a raft of NVH has made the interiors quieter than the standard models. Apart from this, the floor, the doors and other sound-killing materials in the trunk and boot allows you to have a more peaceful ride by eliminating all chances of excess noise while you are on the roads.

Honda car dealers in India have reported that there is an increased tendency among people to opt for natural gas models these days. The Honda Civic has been one of the best-selling models of the brand because of its high performance and gorgeous looks. Launch of a CNG variety has not only widened the scope of this car, but also reached more people as the sales reports have reflected.

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