Sensor Powered Seatbelt May Save Life Of Any Sleepy Driver

author image Monday 15 September 2014, 14:30 PM Automobile Technology

Automobile technology has reached such a place in the modern generation that you can expect almost anything from your car nowadays. Due to the evolution of a plethora of car manufacturers around the world, the research and development process has taken an extremely important part. Now, these brands try to implement more and more technologically superior applications and devices in their models. Overall, this has increased the quality of driving experience in the modern generation.

Sensor powered seatbelt
Sensor powered seatbelt

The seat belt has a major contribution to this aspect as it has improved the safety concerns when driving by a significant margin. However, if you are asked what is a seat belt you might come up with an answer like a driver seat belt is just a simple belt that holds the driver in his or her place during sudden unexpected jolts while driving. That is pretty much correct but there is a lot more to it in the modern generation of automobile technology advancement. Seatbelt saves lives definitely, but not in this manner only. A new sensor powered seatbelt devised by a leading research and development team has the capability of alerting the driver when he or she is dozing off. Yes, you heard it right; the seatbelt will tell you to be alert if by chance you are about to doze off behind the wheel.

This sensor powered seatbelt has been developed in such a way so it can monitor the heart rate patterns and the respiratory trajectory of the driver immediately as it is harnessed. There is a marked change in the breathing patterns and heart rate if a person is just about to doze off. Automobile technology has joined hands with such biological processes to detect the slightest changes that might occur in such a scenario. On such an occasion, it will immediately raise an alarm to alert the driver before losing control of the vehicle. The saying seatbelt saves lives now have a whole different dimension to it by the implementation of this technology.

This prospect is still under development days but researchers are pretty much satisfied with the progress of this technology. Once the checking processes reach a conclusive figure, such sensor powered seatbelts will be installed in modern cars. It is definitely going to be a path-breaking concept, if successful and lead to increasing the safety when driving cars. The team is trying their level best to hasten the entire process so that it can be implemented as soon as possible.

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