Tiger Shroff And The SS Jaguar 100

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Tiger Shroff has already tasted success in his very first movie Heropanthi. He is known as a dashing actor, and one of the fittest men of industry, but one more thing which makes him unique among all the other stars is his SS JAGUAR 100. It is the only car of its type in India, and only Shroff family owns it. SS JAGUAR 100 was first built in year 1939, around 84 years before. Even in that era when there were no technological advancements like today, ss jaguar 100 managed to touch 100 miles per hour. It was first and the only car at that time to do so. Other than this feature the car could go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in as low as 13.5 seconds which were almost impossible for any other car. Even today, not every high-end car possess this unique feature. In this young age, love of Tiger Shroff for this vintage car makes him stand out of the crowd. This car was earlier owned by his father, but nowadays Tiger Shroff is the one who is seen driving this lovely and the only SS model of Jaguar.

Tiger shroff
Tiger shroff

He is not the only celebrity who loves driving jaguar cars in India, and there are quite a few others who have a special affection for jaguar cars. Actor Shahid Kapoor owns a lovely custom made red Jaguar, which is as cute as the celebrity himself. He recently bought this unique car which cost him 1.5 Cr. The other celebrities who own Jaguar include daily soap queen Ekta Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan. Ekta was recently gifted a Jaguar XJR by none other than Shobha, her mother while Hrithik's Jaguar XJ was gifted to him by dad Rakesh Roshan. There is a huge fan following for jaguar cars in india, and the main reason of it is their unique features, designs, comfort level and performance reliability. These days you can see different models that make their place in celebrity cars. For example, Sachin Tendulkar was reportedly the first person in India who was gifted a Ferrari by man himself Michael Schumacher. Other celebrity cars include high-end models of Audi, BMW and sedan cars. But even after so many unique celebrity cars, the reputation of jaguar cars in India has been unaffected. People can spend millions to own any of luxury sedan cars, and the main reason for it is their features and world class performance and ambience in a limited price. Even if they get to drive second hand sedan cars, they don't mind doing it.

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