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        Tips To Protect Your Cars Turbo

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Gone are the days when a car flaunting the term ‘TURBO’ upon its rump was considered to be something special. There are basically two TURBO things that are laid down in a car, namely Turbocharger and Turbo Engines. Nowadays, every other diesel car is fixed with at least one turbocharger and many times drivers are not even aware of its presence, until failure leads to a fat repair bill.

        Tips to protect your cars turbo
        Tips to protect your cars turbo

        In layman terms, a turbocharger is a small miniature compressor whereas turbo engines are modified engines which provide fuel in form of energy to the car. Cars are manufactured as a streamlined body so as to make them aerodynamic i.e. resisting the air flow. Following are some of the tips to protect the turbocharger from any sort of premature failure. You need to have some Car Maintenance Tips in India for the best functioning of your car.

        • On starting the car, one should not race the engine all of a sudden from the rest position as it can cause a failure. Wait for 5-10 minutes the engine oil to reach and warm up the turbocharger.

        • Until the engine oil has warmed the charger thoroughly, do not operate it. Otherwise, if the lubricant is cold, since it would remain thick and gloopy, it would not be able to operate effectively, until thinned and warmed.

        • Do not overuse the engine oil beyond the suggested time as that would not protect the turbocharger adequately.  

        • It is mandatory and recommended to use the oil of apt viscosity and the correct API specification (the details are noted within the vehicle handbook and also on the sides of canisters) for proper functioning of turbocharger.

        • A turbocharger is known to work at its maximum potential during sustained high speeds. Never shut the engine immediately after covering a long distance since that might cause major damage to the internal turbine.

        • Allow the turbo engines to breathe and wait for 30 seconds before cutting out the power.

        • Also, do not ‘blip’ the throttle before switching off the ignition as that would make the turbocharger’s turbines hasten. And in case you cut out the ignition, there is a possibility that the turbine might still be rotating. That can damage the charger and might result in a potential failure.

        Apart from these necessary tips, one also needs to keep a tab on servicing of his/her car as that only helps the car to be in good health. There are plenty car servicing centres which provide car servicing tips in India. As rightly said, ‘a stich in time saves nine’, do not wait for the car to display some serious signs of damage, rather follow the car maintenance tips in India and keep your car healthy and long-lived!