Jaguar Land Rover And Its Self-Learning Intelligent Car Of The Future

author image Wednesday 30 July 2014, 20:00 PM Automobile Technology

Jaguar, the dream car of most of you, has decided to bring an unheard and unexpected revolution in the car industry by introducing self-learning intelligent car. The word intelligent car is enough to make you all feel on top of the world. In last one decade or so, automobile technology has touched new heights; therefore car lovers have got a few amazing cars in past time. That time is not far when you will see cars running on roads without anyone on driver's seat.

Jaguar land rover
Jaguar land rover

According to reports, new jaguar land rover features the latest technology which allows driver to focus on driving, and the car manages everything else. It has a fair idea about the people behind and on both the sides of the car so that chances of accidents can be minimal. This new intelligent car can even work as a personal instructor as and when require, and send alerts to the owner about important reminders.

Jaguar new car has an inbuilt software that helps the car to predict, study, remind and check its occupants. The point of installation of this software in the jaguar land rover is to self-delegate all the tasks to the driver so that he can on his driving effectively. In this fast changing world, jaguar land rover doesn't want to be left behind; therefore, it is working on technology which will make engines maintain a 500+ horsepower supercharged V8s. It will result in better performance and less emission of harmful ingredients for atmosphere.

"Jaguar's new self-learning intelligent car will primarily focus on traffic navigation system, but in the future you can also see improvements in other departments as well," said Jaguar Land Rover's Director of Research and Technology, Dr Wolfgang Epple. The prime focus of the company behind developing an intelligent car is to provide all of its users a top notched driving experience. If you talk about the best feature of this self-learning intelligent car, then it is the smart assistance feature which predict driver's need and adjusts things according to that. For example, if you enter in your jaguar land rover, then the car will automatically make adjustments in seat, mirror, steering wheel and temperature.

Isn't it interesting to own this kind of intelligent car which cares a lot for its driver? So if not money, but comfort level and technology is what you prefer, then don't think twice before purchasing a new Jaguar Land Rover to have lots of memories and fun while driving.

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