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In today's time when nothing seems impossible due to technological advancements, cell phones are turning into smart phones and cars into smart cars. In the past couple of years, the one thing that has created a lot of buzz around is but electric car in India. Some people call them an alternative to normal traditional cars, while others call them the future. Almost all the companies are trying their best to enter into the market of electric car in India.

Volkswagen golf e-motion
Volkswagen golf e-motion

The one car which has earned a lot of praising in this segment is Volkswagen golf e-motion. It is one of the new offerings of Volkswagen, and the reason of why it is so popular is its second to none design and excellent features. It is a plug-in version of Volkswagen family. When it comes to the specifications of Volkswagen car models, you can find some of the best features. The Golf e-Motion car comes with a maximum output of 114bhp while if you talk about the continuous power output, it can produce 67bhp of power continuously for a long time.

The company has made sure that the Volkswagen golf e-motion features are second to none and can beat any other car. It can generate maximum 199lb ft of torque which is quite appreciable in electric cars. Although you don't see electric cars generating 0-62mph overall, but Volkswagen golf e-motion can generate this much of the speed in just 11.8sec. Isn't it interesting? In last few years, a lot of companies have come up with the concept of electric car in India, but only a few of them have actually got the desired success.

There are a lot of Volkswagen car models available in India, and each one of them has established itself as an impeccable brand. Even when you decide to buy Volkswagen car models that run on fuels, you can have some of the best cars of the present era, both in terms of looks as well as performance. The concept of electric car in India is still in its developing phase, and Volkswagen is trying to make use of the existing conditions in the best way possible. If you have a look at some of the Volkswagen golf e-motion reviews, you can easily understand why people are going crazy behind this beautiful piece. It comes with 180-cell lithium ion battery pack which lasts for 150km or 93 miles in one charge.

Volkswagen golf e-motion reviews are the best source for all the new entrants in the market to know about the positive points of this car. If you have gone through Volkswagen golf e-motion reviews even once before heading towards the Volkswagen showroom, then you will be able to understand things in a better way. So buy the latest electric car of Volkswagen and contribute towards the cause of environment safety.

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