Anti Slip Pads For Car Dashboards

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After purchasing a car, most of the buyers tend to go for additional features, which are equipped for both aesthetics and functionality. These features can be installed at the exterior as well as the interiors of a vehicle. One such additional feature, which has been in constant demand these days are the anti slip pads. These pads can be fitted on the car dashboards as well as the main console panel.  A number of new cars come equipped with the anti slip pads, which can be used to keep the mobile phone and other accessories.

Anti slip pads for car dashboards
Anti slip pads for car dashboards

Car dashboards are usually made up of a lustrous plastic material, which is slightly slippery and cannot keep anything stable over it. The anti slip pads are made up of a unique synthetic material, which sticks instantly on the dashboard. This is because the pads create high friction with the surface of car dashboards and remains stable even at high speed. New cars have the utility of such a feature and few of them also have the slip pads mounted on the main console, near the glove compartment. These pads have a number of pouches, which provide space to keep various things, such as keys, mobile phone, coins, sunglasses and other important things.

A number of global and domestic companies manufacture these pads, which are available in almost all the car accessory shops across India. They have a strong adhesive ability, are non-toxic, eco-friendly, easy to be mounted and highly durable. The adhesive of these pads does not even loosen up in scorching heat, when the dashboard of the car has a high temperature. The utility of these slip pads is equally effective if one tends to buy a used car instead of a new model. This product along with other such features can be purchased from the domestic auto market as well as online and they have a price range between Rs. 300 – Rs. 1500.

A number of auto manufacturers, these days, are installing such features in their new cars to keep the prospective buyers completely content. Car pictures online show a number of these additions, which are equipped at exterior as well as interior body of the model. It is expected that such utility features are soon going to be a part of all the cars and will benefit the occupants in a number of ways.  

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