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        Spring Car Care Auto Guide

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        The season of spring arrives and brings along aridness in the air along with clouds of dust. The season marks the commencement of summer and is generally not welcomed whole-heartedly by people around the world. The climate changes drastically and people feel helpless to get any respite from the scorching heat as well as dryness of the wind. The season has an equally adverse effect on the automobiles, which get covered in layers of sand. In such cases, most of the people try to find effective spring car care solutions to protect and maintain their vehicles.

        spring car cleaning
        spring car cleaning

        There are a variety of car care products available in the domestic market that provides instant care to the automobiles. Such products along with some DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) remedies can make sure that the vehicle maintains its lustre and does not undergo any impact during this dry season. There are a few spring car cleaning tips, which can be utilised by customers and these are as follows:

        1. In such a season, it is always advised to keep the car inside its body cover when not in use. The body cover of a car helps preventing the accumulation of dust on the outer body and also keeps it cool from the inside. Furthermore, the season also accounts for leaves and twigs of tress fall down, and can get layered on the car by the strong winds. Therefore, using the body cover ensures that the car is safe and no scratches are formed on it.

        1. An important spring car care advice is to regularly get it serviced by the concerned dealerships. A routine service check-up proves to be beneficial for the car and helps detecting any problem persisting in its engine or any other part.

        2. Car care products, such as mild detergents, wax and liquid shiners can be used to clean the car if it has been covered into heaps of dust. These products are gentle on the body of the car and help it in retaining the lustre.

        1. One of the highly important spring car cleaning tips is to check the windshield wipers of the car and its mechanical parts under the bonnet. If there is an engine oil cap or coolant storage cap missing then it should be replaced immediately so as to avoid any problems caused by strong winds.

        1. Spring car care also includes checking the interiors of the car for any untidiness and replacing its air filters. These filters catch a considerable amount of dust during spring season so they must be cleaned timely to ensure that the AC is working fine and the vents are throwing clean air.

        1. Among the most significant spring car cleaning tips is to check the tyre pressure, belts, hoses, suspension and wheel alignment of the of the vehicle.

        2. The same should also be done at the inside by inspecting all the electronic equipment.

        3. The car care products are equally potent at the inside of the vehicle as they are at the outside. These products come handy in keeping the car clean amidst arid wind and the blazing sun. They can be effectively used on used cars as well as new models and protect them from losing their glow.

        All of the aforementioned tips form an integral part of the car maintenance guide and should be employed by each individual to keep his/her car dust-free.