Workers strike affects production at Hero MotoCorps Haridwar unit

Tuesday 10 April 2012, 14:09 PM by Vikas Yogi

Hero MotoCorp, the leading two-wheeler maker in the Indian market, is facing worker’s strike at the plant of its two critical component suppliers in the country, demanding right to form a union as well as higher wages . The workers of Satyam Auto and Rockman Industries, component suppliers to the Hero Motocarp’s Haridwar plant, have been on strike since last two weeks. While the Satyam Auto supplies the plastic parts and two-wheeler chassis to the company, Industries deliver metal casting for engine and gears.

However, Hero MotoCorp has been claiming that these strikes have not impacted the production of the company. While giving a statement to ET on these latest labor strikes, a senior executive of the company said, "There has been no impact on our production due to the labor issue at any one of our ancillaries' factories."

On the other hand, speaking on the worker’s demand of right to form a union as well as higher wages, Mr. DL Sachdev, All India Trade Union Congress national secretary, said, "Most of the employees in this largest industrial cluster of the state are not getting reasonable remunerations. The protest may spread to other units and we expect the state labor department to come up with new wages to find a long-term solution."

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