White Maruti Suzuki Swift a definite choice of Mr.Sharma

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Mr. Sharma, a 35-year-old individual, has a small family and lives in Delhi NCR. He has recently owned a white-coloured Maruti Suzuki Swift. When asked the reason behind his preference for the particular colour, he said that if he decides to sell the car five years down the line, he'd want the car to fetch good resale value. Besides, white suits his image and enhances his personality. His daily commutation is around 50 km and the bright colour of the car will not let the dusty terrains hamper the looks of his new possession.

White Maruti Suzuki Swift a definite choice of Mr.Sharma | CarTrade.com
White Maruti Suzuki Swift a definite choice of Mr.Sharma

It has been a long-drawn battle between white and black when it comes to cars. While there are some underlying technicalities that render white cars better off, black cars are the epitome of royalty and style. Consider a boy in his early twenties. If he is given an option to choose between an elegant white Ford Mustang with beige interiors and the same car in shining black colour having black interiors accentuated with green highlights, he makes his choice almost instantly. No prizes for guessing his selection.

However, a car aficionado will prefer to look on a broader perspective than just looks. Many factors have to be considered by a customer while buying a car, mileage being a major one. Fuel efficiency of a car depends on several factors including the powertrain specifications and the aerodynamics. However, many car buyers would be shocked to know that the body colour of the car also plays an important role in determining the mileage with cutting edge technologies like climate control. A white-coloured car is said to be capable of reflecting upto 60 per cent sun rays, whereas a black car only manages to reflect 5 per cent of the Ultra-Violet rays, causing white cars to be cooler by 9-11 degrees. Needless to say, black cars need the air conditioner to run on a full blast depending on the weather conditions, which is quite detrimental for the powertrain performance in terms of fuel efficiency in the long run.

Another reason why white cars generate better sales is their high quality finish. While the light-coloured cars can better conceal dust and scratches, the darker one only end up looking messier with accumulated dirt on the body. Due to this, white cars end up gaining better resale value than the black ones, scoring another brownie point for the former.

One of the recent trends that has changed the tide in favour of all-things-white is the 'Apple Effect'. The technology giant Apple Inc has made the white colour synonymous with class as majority of its widely popular products, like Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iPhone 4s, are revered in white colour across the world. This has somehow influenced the perception of the car buyers as well. In addition, white cars tender to be more safe as they are easily visible at night.

Whatever the prevailing factors, black- and dusky-coloured cars have always been very popular, whereas white has emerged as a trend recently. The black-coloured cars never fail to inspire awe among the onlookers while the white ones exude a sense of elegance and premium. However, owing to several technical advantages, white-coloured cars have been faring better lately.

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