Toyota Camry Hybrid to make its way to India soon

Tuesday 27 August 2013, 10:44 AM by

There are a lot of pros that are connected with hybrid cars. Even though a little bit on the expensive side, these cars prove to be beneficial in being eco-friendly. These models are fuel efficient as they run on two energy sources, one being the fuel engine and the other being an electric motor. When it comes to hybrid cars, Toyota Prius is the car that comes in mind, which did not received a warm response from the price sensitive Indian buyers. And now, Toyota is geared up to launch another hybrid model in the Indian auto market, Camry Hybrid. Sources close to the development process stated that this car has a lot to offer to the Indian customers unlike Prius, which did not click well in the Indian market.

Toyota Camry Hybrid to make its way to India soon |
Toyota Camry Hybrid to make its way to India soon

Reportedly, Toyota is quite positive about the car doing well in India. The company seem to have really worked up on its features, resulting in a well equipped model with a lot of add ons. The price of Camry Hybrid has been listed less than that of its original model as per speculations. The three main points of concern for any buyer are fuel efficiency, purchase price and the cost of maintenance. It gives great value for money by being fuel efficient leading to a lesser running cost. So it can very well be stated that Toyota has worked hard to woo its fan following.

The power output of this upcoming model is expected to be somewhere around 202 bhp including both the energy resources, petrol and electric power supply. Apart from this, the exteriors as well as interiors are pretty impressive. Industry experts are of a view that the ride of Toyota Camry Hybrid is going to be very smooth and comfortable. In-spite of the fact that it is heavy weighted, the ride quality seems to be good that soaks up all the road undulations. Normals bumps would not be felt but deep ones might give a realisation of the rough roads. The break feel and the steering system have enhanced from what packed within the Prius.

Toyota Camry Hybrid has been introduced in two variants in the international markets, namely Camry H and Camry HL. Both the variants share 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine along with an electric motor. Factors that differentiate Camry HL from Camry H are its interiors and exteriors. Interiors of the model are quite urban and refreshing and can well be kept in the category of Lexus. Auto analysts believe that Camry happens to be the perfect luxurious hybrid car, ever produced by the Japanese auto maker.

However, Camry Hybrid comes with a limited choice of colours. One small point of concern is whether the car is going to actually work as great as expected, mainly because of the deteriorating condition of the Indian car market. Nevertheless, we can always hope for the best because the features provided by Toyota makes it a promising new entry.

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