Top 5 most expensive cars that could grace an Indian's garage

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The thrill seeking and well established Indian imported sports and luxury car aficionados have umpteen options available at the moment, to consummate their powerful performance and high speed passions. The local circuit has some immensely exciting and exorbitantly priced super sports and luxury vehicles, with a price tag that digs a gigantic hole in the pocket of their owners. CarTrade has rounded off a list of the most expensive automobile engineering products available on Indian turf.

The most extravagantly priced supercar available in the country is Aston Martin One 77 two door coupe. The Aston Martin One 77 features a hand crafted aluminium body, full carbon fibre monocoque chassis and a naturally aspirated 7.3 litre V12 engine under-its-hood. The enchanting supercar’s V12 churns out a power output of 750 bhp, with the company claiming One 77's engine to be the most powerful naturally aspirated production engine in the world. The Aston Martin One 77 carries a price tag around Rs. 20 crore on Indian turf.

The second most expensive four-wheeled vehicle to scorch Indian streets is the Veyron Super Sport supercar that comes from stables of the iconic Italian auto maker Bugatti, also a wholly owned subsidiary of German auto giant Volkswagen Group. Interestingly, Volkswagen has designed and developed the behemoth Veyron Super Sport, which at present is the fastest street-legal production car in the world. As per sources, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport carries a massive price tag in excess of Rs. 12 crore and can be found as pin ups in the rooms of most supercar aficionados present across the globe. The overwhelming product of Italian automobile engineering comes assimilated with a mammoth of quad-turbocharged, 8.0 litre, W shaped 16 cylinder engine, which churns out a breathtaking peak output power and torque equation of 1,184 bhp and 1,250 Nm, respectively. The supercar can traverse 0 to 100 kmph in less than 2.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 431.072 kmph. Further, Bugatti Veyron was named Car of the Decade for the period 2000 to 2009 and was awarded the title of Best Car Driven All Year award in 2005 by the British BBC television programme Top Gear.

After Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the next most expensive imported car available in the country would be Mercedes Benz Maybach luxury saloon with no real competition in the global automotive industry. The production of Maybach started ten years back in 2002 and the current market price of the vehicle is around Rs. 5.5 crore in the country. The stylish and awe inspiring Maybach was named after the German auto giant, Mercedes Benz's first automotive designer- Wilhelm Maybach. Further, the car powerful saloon has been even called as the most exclusive automobile in the history of man kind.

The Phantom from Rolls Royce, the legendary British luxury sports car maker, is the third most expensive vehicle available to high heeled local consumers at a price tag around Rs. 4 to 4.5 crore on Indian turf. The class of Rolls Royce Phantom can be imagined from the fact that it is the royal carriage of Queen of England and many important personalities present all across the globe.

Remarkably, the fifth most expensive car comes from the factory floors of another British premium luxury car making marque – Bentley Motors. Bentley Azure is luxury convertible with an extremely sporty outlook and an incredibly powerful engine. The stylish convertible is offered to local consumers at an exorbitant price tag and boasts off an enticing under-the-hood specification. The stout four seater convertible is powered with a 6.7 litre, 6761cc V8 engine that could roll out a peak power and torque outputs close to 450 bhp and 850 Nm, respectively. The Bentley Azure delivers an incredible acceleration of 0 to 100 kmph in 5.6 seconds with a top speed close to 270 kmph.

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