Thane Policeman caught on camera assaulting citizen for pointing out wrongly parked Police vehicle

Friday 19 September 2014, 10:10 AM by

Pointing fingers at wrongdoings by law enforcers can have rebounding effect. A Vasai based citizen named Ramsagar Mishra has reportedly caught on camera a young citizen being thrashed by a Policeman for pointing out a wrongly parked vehicle. As per Mr Mishra who shot the video at Evershine Nagar in Vasai, he stated, “Traffic police gundagiri at evershine nagar, vasai (e). Asst Ins assaulted a guy because he pointed out that police had parked their vehicle on wrong side.” He further added, “It’s responsibility of every Indian to raise voice against unfair and to stop there and then only rather waiting for someone to come and help you.”

As per witness, the policeman on being pointed out about a wrongly parked Police vehicle started manhandling the young man and asked for his driving license. As per Mishra on what he saw, he stated, “It all began when the individual wanted to go to a bank, which was on the other side of the road. He was going to enter the road from wrong side, but before entering the lane, he was confronted by traffic cops, who asked for his license. To which he said that he has not broken any law as he is yet to enter the lane from wrong side. He did not show his license as bikers in India are very well aware of what happens once you hand over your license to the cops. The individual did not give his license, probably because of the same reason. Now, in his defense, he makes an amateur mistake. He tell the cops that there are police vehicles parked on wrong side of the same road, pointing towards them.”

The cops caught in the video reportedly got infuriated by what the young lad had pointed and starting harassing him. The cops caught on video have been named by Mr. Mishra as, Asstant Inspector Pravin Sawant, Hawaldar Arun sawant and Hawaldar Dipak Mahadik.

Source: DW

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