Rolls-Royce using Malabar teak for crafting interiors of new Ghost

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Rolls-Royce, the British luxury car maker, is sourcing whorled wood from South India to add to the contrasting appeal of its latest car. The newest product in the Ghost range will be using teak that is procured from Malabar, Kerela, giving an Indian touch to the vehicle that defines the epitome of opulence.

The craftsmen of the company, which include the best boat builders and cabinet makers, use teak that is transported from Malabar to Goodwood, UK, a distance of 8000 km. It is required for carving the dashboards and trims being used in each of made-to-order new Ghosts. The base model of the Ghost costs Rs. 2.5 crores, while the Malabar wood interiors raise its price by Rs. 2 lacs.

Rolls-Royce using Malabar teak for crafting interiors of new Ghost |
Rolls-Royce using Malabar teak for crafting interiors of new Ghost

According to Sharad Kachalia, managing director of Navnit Motors, the authorised dealer of Rolls-Royce in Mumbai, Maharashtra, "The response to the Malabar wood interiors in the Rolls-Royce Ghost model has been very good both in India and internationally." He added that the company will be using Malabar wood for crafting the interiors of its top end Phantom and Phantom Coupe range seeing the positive market response to the teak.

The company ensures that the interiors are crafted from veneer that is carved from successive slices of the same tree in order to retain the uniformity of grain, colour and age. This teak lends its opulent aquamarine feel to the Ghost, while its vertical lines enhance the contemporary looks of the interiors.

Kachalia also commented, "The unique grains of Malabar wood and its straight lines make it all the more attractive. It lends a totally different look to the interiors. Many Indian customers go for it on realising that the wood is sourced from India." He said that many Indians are opting for Malabar wood interiors as it allows them to render an Indian feel to their Rolls-Royce.

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