PUC tests vital for environment and escaping penalty from traffic police

Wednesday 09 January 2013, 10:28 AM by

The Indian roads witness thousands of motor vehicles being added everyday, which is stifling the already chaotic traffic situation and on-road population. The rampant increase in numbers of cars, two-wheelers along with commercial vehicles like buses, small carriers and trucks is putting immense pressure on environment and lives of people commuting on a daily basis. The presence of excess vehicles has worsened pollution levels in the country, and the prevalent situation is leading to a possible doomsday in the future when air would be left not suitable even for breathing.

In order to check the quantity of hazardous pollutants emitted in environment and keeping pollution levels within tolerable limits, the Government of India has ensured that each motor vehicle must be subjected to periodic Pollution Under Control (PUC) tests. The PUC tests are conducted to check the quantity of harmful pollutants emitted by the vehicles and checking if the emission levels are damaging to the atmosphere or not. A PUC test helps one to monitor the quantity of vehicle's emission of harmful pollutants like CO2, SO2 and other strong hydrocarbons, which are capable of posing severe threat to the environment.

The Indian Government has made it mandatory for all motor vehicle users to carry a valid PUC certificate, while driving at all times. Further, if a driver fails to produce a valid PUC test certificate on being asked by traffic police could face severe cash penalty and traffic court proceedings. The rules for newly owned vehicles are even more strict and one must get the vehicle 'pollution under control' certified as soon as it completes one year or purchase.

The PUC certification tests are of immense importance as they help in controlling the rampant abuse of environment by the hands of some ignorant drivers, whose indifference hurts the ecological balance and threatens community health. Further, these tests help in keeping pollutants emitted by motor vehicles in the environment within tolerable limits. The Indian Government organises special camps to aid domestic drivers in getting their vehicles PUC certified, which also help in promoting the cause and benefits of this certification. The government has established especially dedicated centres in every major Indian city to facilitate conduction of PUC tests.

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