New Ford Focus Coming Up for Emerging Markets

Thursday 16 September 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

In an interesting development, Ford is now displaying its upcoming Ford Focus model on its Facebook page, and the company is set to display the model at the Paris Auto Show next month. Ford has already decided to move away from country specific models and is working according to the “One Ford” plan. This involves developing models that largely remain the same in base features and designs and are tweaked or homologated as per country-specific needs.

“Every car that we will launch from now onwards in India, you will see the same car in South America or in Europe or somewhere in the world. It is because we can't afford anymore the legacy approach which are just designed for India,” said Michael Boneham, Ford India President and Managing Director. He also stated that people are asking for international models in domestic market due to increasing movement of people across the globe. “Therefore we can’t have cars that only Indians will like,” he said.

New Ford Focus Coming Up for Emerging Markets |

Ford Focus

The new Ford Focus has been developed on similar lines and is christened as Ford Focus ST. Although the standard 2012 Focus will go on sale worldwide in early 2011, the ST model will arrive in early 2012. Ford will reveal full features and detailed technical specifications of the model at the Paris Auto Show and will showcase production ready model of the car. Currently, it has only released teaser images of the car to create interest amongst the customers worldwide.

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