Maruti Baleno Prices in Indian Market

Monday 26 May 2008, 00:00 AM by Satish

Maruti Baleno is one of the best models by Maruti. It has been popular amongst car lovers for its bold and elegant design clubbed with extremely smart performance. The car is available in two models in India as Baleno Sedan VXi and LXi.

The used car market has always attracted ready buyers for this sedan as it is a good buy anytime. However, dealers have been seen to quote exorbitant prices on Baleno models. A “good condition car” spells into a model that is scratch free, accident free with less mileage, single owner and comes with standard features including the stereo system.

A good condition Baleno LXi 2006 model usually costs not more than Rs. 400,000, 2005 model is priced at Rs. 375,000 and 2004 models costs not more than Rs. 330,000 in used car market.

Similarly, the VXi 2006 model does not cost more than Rs. 450,000, 2005 model does not cost more than Rs. 370,000 and 2004 model costs Rs. 360,000.

Similar models may come at a discounted price at any of the Maruti True Value outlets as they are the dealers of the car and they may offer reduced prices for the same model.

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