Inazuma removed from Official Suzuki Website

Thursday 13 November 2014, 12:31 PM by

Suzuki had recently launched its Inazuma with a high price tag of 3.1 lakhs INR few months ago. However, the price of the product was decreased by a lakh later because of poor sales and marketing of the bike. However, the company seems to have taken note of the fact that Inazuma has fared pretty poorly in the Indian market. The latest update shows that the official website of the company has taken Inazuma off its online page. If you visit the website, you no longer see Inazuma in its product portfolio.

Inazuma removed from Official Suzuki Website |
Inazuma is removed from the Official Suzuki Website

Inazuma is imported to the country via the completely knocked-down route and is reassembled in Gurgaon, where the company’s facility is located. This is a major reason why the price of the bike escalated to three lakhs, which was a direct effect of the taxes levied by the government. Such an outrageous price tagging meant that the average Indian customers would not take notice of this bike. This is an obvious fact because at such a high price, the number of better options becomes more viable than going for Inazuma. However, Suzuki was quite fast to identify the issue and started offering discounts of one lakh INR on the model.

Inazuma is powered by a 248 cc engine, which is capable of generating 24 bhp of power and 22 Nm of torque. Having a six-speed gearbox, the bike is capable of transferring the power smoothly to the wheels. However, it is yet to be confirmed that whether the bike has been actually removed or it is just an error.

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