Ferrari looks at the future to develop eco-friendly vehicles without compromising performance

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Ferrari has always been known for the superior performance levels of its vehicles. So even if one hears about the Italian giant developing a hybrid vehicle, it can be expected to be a performance-oriented green machine. The green hybrid from Ferrari was being developed since many years, and was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012.

Ferrari looks at the future to develop eco-friendly vehicles without compromising performance |
Ferrari looks at the future to develop eco-friendly vehicles without compromisin

The aim of such new hybrids would be to develop cars which would be lighter, produce lesser emissions but not sacrifice horsepower. At the luxurious car maker's main factory in Maranello, Matteo Lanzavecchia, Head of Development, said, “We're working on reducing energy consumption without forgetting that the symbol of Ferrari is performance. We've also managed to up horsepower to 100 while still reducing CO2 emissions by 30 percent.” This would allow enthusiasts to race their machines without feeling guilty about heavy carbon emissions.

Ferrari California, one of the most popular models, has been provided with the latest technology, which helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle by 30 kg. The new California 30 gets more horsepower at a lower weight, giving it a greater power-to-weight ratio than earlier. Not only have light materials being used, but braking has also been improved, to generate lesser friction and consume energy in a more effective manner than earlier.

In order to provide an eco-friendly environment, many trees have been planted around the steel machines in the Maranello factory. Recent buildings have been built by using large amounts of glass, which helps sunlight enter and reduce the electricity consumption, in turn. This shows that the company is really committed towards providing viable engineering solutions for the future.

The hybrid car built by Ferrari is known as Hy-KERS. A prototype of this vehicle was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. It is made on a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, which also gets an electric motor. This vehicle is expected to be in showrooms within the next months, and will attract customers by providing a unique environment-friendly racing experience.

As the name suggests, the new Ferrari would use Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology, which is commonly used in the Formula One machine. The vehicle stores the heat generated during braking for further use, and provides the vehicle with extra power. Lanzavecchia says that using this technology would provide performance levels akin to a racing experience.

The Italian super car manufacturer has also managed to offset the doom of economic recession in Europe and sold 7,200 Ferraris across the world in 2011. For the first time in history, Ferrari's turnover has gone above 2 billion Euros. The company is also looking positively at emerging markets, such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia and even the United States.

Personal stylist services and gadgets are being provided to pamper customers. At half the cost of the vehicle, interiors can be customized by using cashmere, teak or peccary. It would also be possible to choose one's favourite seat models, seat-belts, music systems and touch screen navigation systems. At the Maranello factory's workshop, Nicola Boari, head of the personal shopper system commented, “ We have personal designers who help the client choose and give him advice.”

In terms of racing, Ferrari and Porsche has always been placed closely with each other. At the Geneva Motor Show, Porsche displayed 3 hybrid models- the 918 Spyder concept, Cayenne hybrid and 911 GT3 R hybrid sports cars. All vehicles would soon be realized, and were not just for display.

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