1962 make Ferrari 250 GTO titled as costliest car after a $35 million sale

Tuesday 05 June 2012, 13:53 PM by

The Grand Touring sports car, Ferrari 250 GTO manufactured in the year 1962 for the England based former legendary racing driver, Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss has been titled as the world’s most expensive car after being sold for a whopping $35 million in a transaction made at a website called Anamera in the last month.

This particular Ferrari 250 GTO is a vintage car blended in a classic blanched green colour and is said to be one amongst the 39 GTOs manufactured between 1962 and 1964 by the Italian sports car maker, Ferrari.

The Ferrari make car was put on sale after owing it for nearly 10 years by a Dutch based businessman, Mr. Eric Heerema, who owns a vineyard in the Southern region of England. The U.S based buyer of this classic model is a collector of classic and vintage cars, Mr. Craig McCaw who was the co-founder of McCaw Cellular.

The concerned Ferrari 250 GTO with chassis number 3505 was in fact made for the racing driver Mr. Moss, whose name is engraved on the back of the driver’s seat in the car, did not even drive it owing to a career ending accident in 1962. But the car made few appearances on the racing track later.

The Ferrari GTO has been considered since a long time as the most desirable and highly valued cars and as stated by John Collins of Talacrest Limited, an Ascot based dealer, high demand of Ferraris have led to sale of 8 models in the past eight weeks.

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