10 Things To Know About Honda BR-V Compact Suv

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Honda cars have been known for two things: great engines & bulletproof reliability. India is no different & the statement holds true from hatchbacks to the latest compact SUV offering. Here’s a list of things to know about the Honda BRV that is the company’s latest launch in the market:

Honda brv
Honda brv

1. The 7-seater capacity means that the Honda BRV scores a key win against the typical 5-seater competition in the segment.

2. Thanks to its intelligent cabin design, the interiors are spacious and highly practical for a vehicle in its class.

3. The BRV Compact SUV offers class leading head & leg room across the first two rows of seating.

4. While Honda cars are typically known for their smooth, free-revving petrol engines, the diesel powered option is no slouch either. What’s more, buyers also get a choice of a CVT transmission option on the petrol engine variant.

5. The ride quality on the Honda BRV has come in for special praise for its behaviour over bumpy roads & the handling isn’t too bad either for this class of a car.

6. One of the things to know about the Honda BRV is that it lives up-to the brand’s image in being quite effortless to drive. Thanks to the light controls, manoeuvrability even in tight city conditions becomes a breeze.

7. The Honda BRV hasn’t skimped on safety either. There’s airbags at the front across the entire model range, with ABS & EBD on offer across all but the base petrol variant.

8. Luggage space with all three rows of seats in use, is still good enough for a few weekend bags, while, folding away the last row of seats unlocks a further 400+ litres of storage on the BRV compact SUV. 

9. From roof-mounted air-con controls to keyless entry & go; projector headlamps to paddle-shifters – the BRV comes equipped with many a helpful feature on-board.

10. Many have said that Honda has cut corners with the BRV, with critics saying that the lower priced city comes better-specced in comparison. While there is some water in the argument, what tips the scales in the BRV’s favour is that crucial third row of seating, which isn’t offered on its popular sedan sibling.

So that’s it then, our top list of things to know about Honda BRV for you. Do let us know what all you would add to ‘your’ list about the car.

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