Honda NSX – The Futuristic, High-Revving, Hybrid Sports Car

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Cars wearing the ‘H’ badge can be found on the streets of all the key automotive markets around the world. Honda cars are a phenomenon in themselves. Well-loved for their famed Japanese reliability, the cars are renowned for their light weight, stellar fuel-efficiency and low-maintenance characteristics. They are also known for being a tuners delight, putting out many times their original output with ease.

Honda nsx
Honda nsx

The Japanese car manufacturer, known more for their humble hatchbacks and sedans, has also produced special automotive gems from time-to-time. The Honda NSX, for example, made the rest of the world sit up and take notice when it was launched over half-a-century ago, back in 1990. Buyers could finally purchase a middle-weight sports car with an advanced (for the time) all-aluminium construction and was powered by a 3 litre, normally aspirated engine. All that high-performance was packaged in a low-emissions package (for its class) and made for one delectable car that won rave reviews everywhere it was sold.

The Honda NSX has been resurrected twenty-five years later and continues where its predecessor left off. The new car uses the same philosophy of using lightweight construction techniques, a high-performance engine and comes packed with multiple advanced systems to make sure that it offers the very best of experience to drivers that Honda cars are known for.

But the new, second generation car has multiple aces hidden up its low-emissions sleeve. At the heart of things is a V6 engine that’s force-fed by dual turbochargers and paired to a nine-speed, dual-clutch transmission that’s all-new. Sitting on top of it is what Honda calls as the ‘Sport Hybrid’ system that uses a total of three electric motors which take the combined power output to 500 bhp with a 7500 rpm redline and over 550 Nm of torque. These stupendous power figures mean that the new Honda NSX-R takes a scant 2.9 seconds in its dash from zero to 100 km/h, eventually going on to a 307 km/h top-speed. All this with rear-wheel drive, phew!

In comparison to its earlier avatar, the new, Honda NSX-R is longer by 40 mm with a 4470 mm length. It is also 130mm wider and 45mm taller than before. An all-aluminium, double-wishbone suspension setup is used and the car gets 19-inch wheels at the front and larger, 20-inchers at the back. It uses advanced, carbon-ceramic brakes with six-pot calliper setup as stoppers for the front wheels and four-pot calliper setup for the rear.

When launched in 2016, the new, NSX-R will once again establish the supremacy of Honda cars at the top of the automotive pyramid.

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