Car Battery Maintenance Tips

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Increased electronics is fast becoming a permanent feature with each new launch of cars in India. As the focus on automotive safety increases, as well as the demand for better and increased passenger comforts, the sheer number of electronic add-ons in a new car can be quite mind-boggling. What’s more is that each of them is heavily dependent on a steady source of power, and in a vehicle, this is provided by the battery & its electrical system.

Car battery maintenance tips
Car battery maintenance tips

The car battery maintenance tips below should make sure that your battery stays in the best of health & that you’re not left stranded by some roadside on account of a drained electrical system.

  • The biggest contributor to a long and healthy battery life is regular usage. Yes, amazing as it sounds, this is indeed true. Regular usage helps cycle through the system, ensuring that every aspect, from the battery to the rest of the charging & power system stays healthy for a long time to come.

  • The engine and its ancillaries all run off the battery, and having them serviced regularly, means that they’re unlikely to put undue load upon starting up and during regular use, thereby contributing to the battery lasting longer.

  • Many cars in India run the air-conditioning and other accessories off the battery when standstill (at signals, for example). This is a poor habit and can cost them dearly as the battery starts to discharge prematurely, thereby leading to poor battery life.

  • Sealed batteries have all but nulled the need for their health check-up, but it should nevertheless be carried out as part of the car battery maintenance tips routine, as a means of prolonging its life. Ensure that the terminals are not coated with grease, as is usually known to happen, but pure petroleum jelly is used instead, as advised.

  • Avoid parking in the open, under the summer sun. Direct heat causes a great deal of damage to battery life, without owners ever realizing it.

  • Always be careful when jumpstarting a battery through jumper cables. Unlike the cars in India that were sold in the past, the newer ones come with a mind-boggling array of tech systems, that are highly susceptible to improper handling procedures.

Common-sense and the ability to not overdo things goes a long way in helping make that battery last longer. And when the time finally comes to replace them, make sure the older one is disposed in a proper manner, as advised by the manufacturer.

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