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        Maruti Baleno Accessories

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        The sub-10 Lakh rupee segment is one of the most active ones in India right now. All the action is here, where car manufacturers bring in their crucial models to battle it out as buyers wait to see whom to sign away the cheque for. The country’s top most manufacturer has been no stranger to these hotly contested battles over the years. This time round however, it has an ace up the sleeve in the form of their premium large hatch, the Baleno. Resurrecting this iconic name has proved to be a huge success for the Indo-Japanese car manufacturer. So much so that apart from the car sales, the demand for Maruti Baleno accessories in India has been staggering. With everyone wanting to personalize their favourite premium hatch, let’s take a look at the stuff that’s on offer.

        Maruti suzuki baleno
        Maruti suzuki baleno

        The market for new cars accessories is huge, with the aftermarket industry churning out countless options for buyers across multiple price-points. However, there’s no denying the charm in kitting your car out with the OEM brand accessories.

        Here’s our take on some of the hottest Maruti Baleno accessories in India that are available at the nearest NEXA dealer in the neighbourhood:

        Heads-up Display or HUD is a nifty piece of tech that not just makes you look cool with all those bragging right, but is also helpful in putting all the necessary information, right there in the line-of-sight.

        Sure, Google may have sorted out the maps bit, but why run down the phone battery when you can get a dedicated navigation system in your Baleno. Garmin, the navigation systems experts have come out with specially matched models as part of their new cars accessories for the Baleno.

        The gorgeous paint-finish on the Baleno is a talking point among industry-folk and customers alike. Little wonder then that a body cover is one of the most popular of accessories for the car.

        There’s so much cabin space in the Baleno, that owners & their families simply love it all. Which is why, they ought to be pampered further with some useful accessories.

        When you’ve got such a beautifully crafted cabin as the Baleno, generic carpet mats don’t quite make the grade. Their poor fit, leaves the car carpeting vulnerable to being stained, thereby increasing maintenance hassles & shortening its life. Thankfully, the 3D carpet mats for the Baleno offer just the right fit. They come custom crafted to fit the Baleno, offering edge-to-edge coverage that follows the contours of the floor for a premium experience. But not all 3D carpet mats are the same & different vendors offer varying fit & finish levels. It is important to not only match the interiors of the car, but to also ensure that the mats shortlisted are of a sufficiently high quality to offer a premium experience befitting the upmarket appeal of the Baleno.

        An extra power socket, for example, like the one that is available for the luggage compartment along with the boot light, is a prime example. Similarly, a lamp in the glove box should help keep you or the co-passenger from searching in the dark.

        Mud-flaps on cars in India aren’t just for show. They play a critical role in a hassle-free motoring experience. On one hand, mud-flaps prevent fellow motorists from being blinded by dust & debris that’s kicked up by the car’s wheels. On the other, they protect the very car they’re fitted on, by ensuring that the debris is directed away from the underbody, thereby protecting it from damage & wear & tear. The Baleno’s mud-flaps are crafted out of premium materials that go perfectly with the aesthetics of the car. They’re of the long lasting type & have been carefully designed to keep the debris thrown up by the wheels from damaging the underbody of the car. 

        Lastly, the cool/warm box that’s part of the list of Maruti Baleno accessories in India is a great buy in our opinion. With it, you’ll never be out of refreshments, whether on the move or when you stop by the side, to take in the view!