Exploring The 2015 Mini Cooper D

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The 2015 Mini Cooper D represents a radical makeover of the original 3-Door Mini Cooper. One of the most beautiful creations from the last century, Mini Cooper’s has enjoyed an unchallenged appreciation from people of all ages and groups. Also, this time, the revised version comes –in with a completely new approach under which the maker has blessed it with 5-doors breaking the 3-doors custom. Nevertheless, the car carries the very same finesse and perfection that stole hearts a century ago.

The Mini Cooper Diesel (D) comes with standard 5-door hatchback layout with four doors on the sides and a hatch that opens upwards. In terms of design and looks, the car takes a more subtle and mature look as compared to its preceding iterations. The round headlights now harbor semi-circular LEDs and have slightly different positioning and angle than the regular model. The smaller overhangs along with floating roof compensate this change quite pleasingly. The new Mini Cooper Diesel has been instilled with a larger grille, bigger LED tail lights, and rounded mirrors. The extra doors mean a slightly longer wheelbase and some extra space for rear passengers.

On the inner end, the car greets you with an uber modern touch. A large sized speedometer has been squeezed into an infotainment system along with a LED ring on its surroundings. The new version is priced a little over Rs.30 lakh. The equipment and features offered in the car are quite at par with that. You may also get a multi-functional steering, navigation, and Bluetooth by paying a few extra bucks. The safety aspect of the car gets sealed with upgraded features like ABS, cornering braking function, two airbags, and ESP.

In terms of power, the diesel car runs on a 1.5-litre oil burner that mates with a 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox. It enables the car to reach from 0-100kmph speed level within 9.2-seconds and deliver a power output of 114PS.

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