Ajay Devgans Entry Over 2 Hummers In Golmaal Returns

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The stunts are a part of the bollywood movies, and thus various Hummer cars in India are used by various directors in different ways. The speciality of the Rohit Shetty movies is that he displays these stunts in an amazing manner. Almost in every golmaal film he has used stunts to woo the Indian audience. In the first Golmaal movie, Ajay Devgan enters balancing on a bike and in the secord part of the movie, which is Golmaal Returns; again Ajay Devgan is seen entering the movie balancing on two Hummer cars.

Ajay devgans entry over 2 hummers in golmaal returns
Ajay devgans entry over 2 hummers in golmaal returns

In Golmaal 3, the Rohit Shetty has used celebrity cars in India to display the stunts. The stunts in this movie consisted of Ajay Devgan balancing on two cars, which were driven on the two wheels. Ajay was focussed and the scene was perfectly clicked portraying how well he was able to do the task within no time. In the movie with sound and visual effects, this seems to be a terrific stunt performed by the hero. Rohit Shetty is known for his stunts which he uses in the movie. His speciality in displaying the efficiency of the hero in spectacular ways has always made him an outstanding director.

It is just not this movie but there are many other movies as well where stunning stunts are portrayed. The efforts of the hero are quite enchanting leaving the viewers in surprise. Celebrity cars in India do play a special role in leaving an impact of these stunts over the audience. Certainly, the efforts are praise worthy of the director and the actor. The immense effort put by the hero and the director displays successful completion of the stunts. It is just not the task of one person. With next couple of Rohit Shetty movies lined-up, one can expect many more such stunts using cars and bikes. 

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