Top 3 Stressbusting Or Relaxation Tips For Long Distance Commute

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Irrespective of age and gender, almost all of us suffer from long distance travels stress, every now and then.  The following write-up suggests top 3 relaxation tips that may help you in getting rid of many of such problems.

Top 3 relaxation tips for long distance commute
Top 3 relaxation tips for long distance commute

Keep Isolations Away – Isolation is the term given to all kind of movement made by hands, shoulders, legs, and hands. For e.g. your back is the first thing that will start creating problems whenever you travel for more than required time. To avoid this, including a few simple exercises in your routine wouldn’t be a bad idea. You may always follow some yoga postures that will help in keeping your muscles straight and fatigue free in a long run.

Deep Breathing – The first sign of fatigue is losing breath as the heart starts beating faster to provide more and more oxygen to stressed body parts. Many experts suggest deep breathing as part of relaxation commute tips for this reason. Take deep breathes whenever you feel stuck in such situation, not only will it help in relaxing but also keep a check over your blood pressure and hypertension problems.

Eye Focus – Eye strain is one of the most common issues related with long commute. The best relaxation tip given by health experts in this respect is to move your eye balls up and down whenever you stop at traffic lights or toll tax.

Keep Wallets Away- One of the most important tips for long commute, guys should never keep their wallets in their back pockets while driving. Keeping wallet in your back pocket can directly affect your sciatic nerve. It is better to keep your lower back muscles free from all kind of burdens while you handle steering on a long run. The same goes for mobile phones. 

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