Few Important Driving Tips For Learners

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A number of precautions have to be kept in mind while learning to drive a car in India. Here are a few important precautions and tips that should be kept in mind while you take your lessons on steering wheel.

Driving tips for learners
Driving tips for learners
  1. Always Drive Under Guidance: The first driving tip for every learner is to always drive under somebody’s guidance before you get accustomed to all controls and city traffic. The person teaching must have some experience in training or instructing others for this purpose. He/she will help you know the dos and don’ts of this process. You can always pick up some valuable lessons from them and add it to your skills profile.

  2. Always Try To Excel In The Basics: One of the most important car driving tips for beginners, always try to excel in the car driving basics as much as possible. The speed is not that necessary as much excelling in basic lessons and tactics is. Learn how to slow down, apply brakes under emergent situations, and most importantly how to fish out your way from traffic.

  3. Importance Of Calm And Composed Mind: It is the first thing to be learned, always remember a calm mind saves and works more efficiently under pressure and urgent situations than a haphazard one. Try to drive without panicking and get the hang of the traffic around you. It will help in preventing any kind of mishaps in future and add up as a skill in your driving resume.

  4. Develop The Habit Of Honoring Rules and Regulations: As much you would hate to obey, remember you are walking on roads and not in school. Any kind of mistake here might injure someone badly or in worse conditions end somebody’s or your own life. There is nothing wrong in abiding by traffic rules and taking care of your own and other’s life.

  5. Keep Away The Mobile Phones: The most important driving tip for learners, cram it as a spell to keep mobile phones at bay. Mobile phones compel you to look away from the road and engage your attention and hands. It is highly advised not to take calls, keep your eyes on the road and handle the steering wheel with a good grip.

  6. Avoid Swift Gear Shifting: It is one thing that you learn with time and is included in the later or final car driving tips for the beginners. Try to learn about the right timing of changing gears and not to develop a habit of frequent gear shifting. 

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