Checklist On How To Take A Car Test Drive

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Buying a new car without a test drive is like getting engaged without knowing the person. A test drive is the best way to review a car and get a practical idea about its drivability, handling, ride quality and other systems. Here’s a vehicle checklist that will help you examine every aspects of a car in the rear-world situations.

Car test drive tips
Car test drive tips

Testing car driving tips

Drive the model you want: Always test drive the model that you selected to buy. In an attempt to sell an expensive car, most dealers offer the top-spec and powerful version of the car. So, always ask for the variant you are interested in.

Get a demonstration: Before a car test drive, ask the dealer to demonstrate its features such as heating and cooling system, navigation system, music player, rear-seat entertainment system, storage spaces etc.

Check under the hood and spare parts: Many dealers demonstrate the engine and components under the hood. Make sure that engine is easy to access. It’s also recommended to check for the spare parts such as tyres etc.

Size up cargo space: Is the luggage area large enough to meet your needs? Configure your storage or luggage requirements, if you have any special such as toddler’s playpen, golf clubs or for weekend trips.

 Check seating positions and comfort: Make sure that not just the driver seat, but every seat feels comfortable. As if the steering wheel, pedals and all of the controls are easy to access. Usually, the dealer accompanies you on a car test drive, so take its advantage to check out the backseat comfort, ingress and egress. Ensure that you have enough legroom, shoulder room and headroom.

Drown the sound: After checking the audio system, turn it off and listen for the ambient noise, wind noise or humming sound of tyres or engine. Expensive cars, usually, come with superior cabin insulation system. If the cabin noise is acceptable to you, then only cut the deal, otherwise this can be annoying.

Ride quality: Focus on the smoothness of the ride while driving the car. Check if it absorbs minor abrasions effortlessly or feels bumpy on rough roads.

Check transmission, steering and brakes: It’s important to check the smoothness of the transmission and gearshifts (manual or automatic), steering feedback and braking capabilities, especially around the corners.

Additional car driving tips on a test-ride: 

  • Research for the features and price of the model you are interested in, and carry your license, before leaving the home.

  • Test drive in the daytime, and check the car under the bright sunshine.

  • Drive on highways and congested city areas to test the car’s ride and handling capabilities.

  • Take your own time, even if dealer tries to rush you out.

  • If you are uncertain about the purchase, ask for professionals help or search online for test driving car tips.

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