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      Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Below given are some car tyre safety tips that might come handy in protecting them from unwanted damages and extending their life expectancy.

      Car tyre safety tips
      Car tyre safety tips

      Changing Tyres On Regular Interval- One of the most important car tyre maintenance tips is to change your tyres on right time. Being rubber bodies, these deteriorate with time which actually increases the risk of failure, bursts, and distortion.

      Wheel Bolt- Make sure the wheel bolts that you use for your tires are long enough. Usually manufacturers provide with a set of bolts, in case they haven’t make sure you go with the right one.

      Rotation Policy- The best way to ensure long life of tires for new and used cars is to rotate them at every 5000kms. Also, as an owner it is your responsibility to ensure that all tyres of your car get equal amount of road exposure. Regular rotation would mean that all tyres are sharing equal amount of pressure and weight which will help in extending their lives.

      Drive Smoothly – One of the most regularly given safety tip for car tyres. Your tyres curse you the most whenever you drive in an uneven manner through bumps and potholes. They are the first one to receive the jerks which lead to their before time wear and tear. Rash driving is the worst thing for your tyres, never forget that.

      Aquaplaning –Monsoons are the most vulnerable times for your tyres. Rainwater in potholes and road ruts demands stressed driving which means maximum pressure on tyres. Deeper the ruts, higher is the risk of hydroplaning. Good and safe driving can definitely help in keeping such situation at bay and keeping your car safe. The most useful car care tip that can be applied in this respect is having new tyres before water start pouring.

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