Basic Checks To Keep Your Car In Top Shape

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We, humans, consume right things and avoid harmful things to stay in shape. The same concept applies in the case of cars as well, you need to spend some money for keeping it fit and running. 

Though we understand that it’s quite difficult to cut your savings, and pay for your car maintenance. But a few basic car care checks are important to keep your car in shape.

Basic checks to keep your car in top shape
Basic checks to keep your car in top shape

Right Fluids

Like we keep drinking water and hydrated throughout the day, our new car needs to have the good quality fluids. It is advisable to check your engine oil, coolant and transmission levels. The owner's manual has all the details about your car, which provide you the right guidance on the layout of the engine. One need to make sure you have enough engine oil and ensures the fluid is not polluted.

Tyre Pressure

It is advisable to keep your tyre pressure in check, which is an easy way to maintain fuel efficiency. It will also avoid a potential tire leak.

Dents and scratches

Besides regular washing and waxing of your car, it’s important to get the scratches and dents repaired to preserve the value of your car. This will also prevent long term issues such as rust and fading.

Engine coolant (antifreeze)

Check the coolant level of the engine in the overflow tank. The level should be somewhere between Low and Full signs. If it's low, fill it using the recommended coolant with water. Do it only when the engine is cool. To learn the exact way, you can read the owner's manual.

Engine air filter

The engine's air filter helps clean the air entering the engine, thus keeping the engine in top shape. But the filter gets dirty over time and stops filtering the air. So get the air filter checked next time you are taking your car to a service station. If you want to do it yourself, then the owner's manual has all the directions.

The above given car care checks don’t just help your new car remain in top shape but also increase its resale value in the market.

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