5 Tips For Driving In Dark Night

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Plenty of us hate night driving! But we can't just sit around waiting for the sun to come up. Here are 5 car driving tips to keep you safe on the road when the sun goes down.

Driving in dark night
Driving in dark night

Project Your Headlights: Lights that are being projected can direct a weak glow if probably something is jamming the light. As a result, be sure to free the dirt that comes from the road and stick to your headlights. Just ensure that the lights aren’t blinding the oncoming traffic. Being at the foremost position in night driving tips, one is advised to follow it strictly.

Do Not Wear Wrong Glasses: Reports suggest that yellow-lens glasses which are being sold for the night driving simply make you believe that you are seeing well. However, the idea behind these yellow-lens glasses is that they may perhaps increase disparity, and helps you to differentiate substances in dark. In actual fact, yellow-lens glasses in reality reduce the quantity of light which you can see.

Turn into a Retina Spotter: In a country like India, one can easily spot animals all over the roads. Therefore, spotting the reflections of your headlights in the eyes of an animal is one of the safe driving tips. Pair of tiny bright spots is a clear warning that an animal is in front of you down the road.

Do Not Stare at Approaching Lights: Car driving tips mention that bright lights can badly disturb your focus during nights. Shift your look simply away from other lights that are approaching towards you on the dark road, and do not look at approaching high beams. In case any rear vehicle has its high beams on, it is advised to adjust the rear-view mirror of your car and reflect the light towards the back to alert him/her.

Wipe Your Windshield with Newspaper: Windshields that come out as a clean in the day might disclose flashes that can cause glower during the night. There is a trick here where you can polish your glass by means of a newspaper for just to get rid of that residue. However, make an attempt for not to lay a hand on your windshields inside surfaces, mirrors, or side windows, even though if it is meant to clean off the steam. The oil that comes from your skin will just spread, and the light will then turns glower when it shines in the course of any place from where you have touched your glass. As an alternative, keep either a microfiber cloth or cotton in your car-door pocket. It is advised that following these night driving tips, one can negate the chances of unwanted situations to some extent.

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