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With the availability of car finance in India, the dream of most middle class families of owning a four wheeler has become a reality. But buying a new car, also, brings a small package of added expenses that are very essential ones. One such expense is the car insurance in India, which is mandatory by law. Driving without valid car insurance is illegal in our country.

Car insurance claim form
Car insurance claim form

India is one of the worst places to drive cars in India, since we lose a significant part of our population in accidents every year.  Therefore, the best way to deal this is to get car insurance in India, which offers a good cover. Before driving your car home, it is advisable to get an auto insurance policy. This will relieve you from making bulky losses in case of an unexpected incident.

If, unfortunately, you ever meet with an accident, here are few easy-to-follow steps that will help you claim your insurance:

1. If you meet with an accident, don't panic. Move your car to a safe place and arrange medical attention for injured people.

2. It is advisable not to remove the vehicle from the accident place as the insurance company requires a spot survey.

3. Write down the following information of other vehicle and driver - name, address, contact number, license number, and driving license of the other driver, insurance company's name and policy number.

4. Make a note of the following information of the eye witnesses - name and addresses for future course. If you are carrying a camera/ camera phone, take pictures. These pictures will help you in the claims process.

5. Reach the nearest police station at the earliest to report the incident. Make sure that you reach station within 24 hours from the time of the accident.

6. It is important to have a policy certificate, which is not expired. Provide all the information to insurance company on the contact number mentioned in the policy document. Following details need to be provided to insurance company:

- Policy number and validity period

- Date, time and place of accident

- Details of the person injured or killed in the accident

- Driver's name and driving license

- Follow other steps mentioned by insurer.

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