The Wireless Charging Technology From Bosch

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Be it an electric, hybrid, or regular car, people using them always yearn for simpler refueling systems that can ease down their daily struggles. Similar kind of exertion is felt by those who have to plug in every now and then to recharge their electric cars. EVs have been in vogue across European and American markets recently. The issue of regular plug-in charging came up as the biggest problem for regular drivers. A yearning was observed for a wireless automobile technology that could enable charging without much hassle. And this concern was blissfully observed and addressed by Bosch, the German automotive parts manufacturer.

The wireless charging technology from bosch
The wireless charging technology from bosch

The company offers a wireless-battery charging kit that can be installed in cars at a price of around $3, 000. The kit consists of a 240-Volt Level 2 charging-station unit; a floor mounted wireless charging pad, and a vehicle adaptor. For now, it is being offered for mainly two popular electric vehicles – Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.

The wall unit of this charging pad connects with 30-Amp power supply and guides the car’s driver towards the most correct parking point that enables most efficient charging.  The user may also mount this unit over the garage wall where new car will be parked. But it is to be noted that the adapter for each car is unique and comes with its own specific settings. You cannot use the same adapter for 2 different cars.

The wireless charging pads for Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt come at a slightly different pricing. While the adapter for Chevrolet Volt costs $2, 998, the same for Nissan Leaf comes for $3, 098. You may not need to connect the car every time for recharging but the parking will be plugged to wall via cable and transmitting coil.

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