Why Use Auto Dimming Rear View Mirrors?

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Auto dimming rear view mirrors are one of the most important car accessories that eliminate glare and enable driver to stay focused on the road and drive safely. The headlight glare in rear view mirror, coming from the vehicles behind, distracts driver’s attention, and it can be more dangerous on dark highways. Both the interior and exterior rear view mirrors are affixed at the top of the windshield and each side of doors, respectively.

Why use auto dimming rear view mirrors?
Why use auto dimming rear view mirrors?

How it works?
These mirrors have an advanced sensor that spots low ambient lights, coming from headlights of the car, moving behind, and instruct the rear-view sensor to control or eliminate glare. The mirror gets dark, automatically, in ratio of the brightness of glare.

The auto dimming technology, electrochromics, tints glass by applying low-voltage electricity from a power source. An electrochromic gel, applied between pieces of glass with an electrically conductive coating, coveys the released electricity. This technology is also used for developing ‘smart windows’.

There are different types of auto dimming mirrors such as no blind spot mirror, panoramic RVM, rear-view mirrors with temperature and compass display, garage door opener, audio driver interface and headlight control sensors. Various retailers and online websites offer the best quality car accessories in India.


Safety : The prime purpose of the rear view mirrors is the safety of driver and co-passengers. It enables the driver to concentrate on the road forward and drive carefully. Moreover, it requires minimal eye movement so that driver can frequently view mirror.

Common Electronics: Components like sensors, micro controllers, circuit boards etc., used in auto dimming mirrors, are compatible with other advanced features. It further reduces cost and save space.

Superior Performance: The mirror’s position, i.e. top of the windscreen, facilitates the capturing of signals coming from sensors and eases looking the vehicles behind. The mirrors can be cleaned easily, and remain protected.

Quick-to-Market: The auto dimming RVM are available in wide range of features, styles and different vehicles platforms. 

Accessibility: The rear view mirrors are easy to access, diagnose and service. You can easily replace them, if required.  

Affordable and easy to install: The rear view mirrors are one of the most cost-effective car interior accessories. These are easy to install too.

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