Top 3 Connected Car Technologies

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So, what is connected car technology? The connected car technologies represent those automobile devices that are connected with devices in other cars or any other kind of network or service provider outside the vehicle. The infrastructure mainly ensures an improved car to car communication while you are on road. A connected car usually consists of a head unit, in-dash system along with screen, and an infotainment system. All these systems coordinate with each other to keep the driver updated with necessary information. The connected car market has evolved exponentially in last half decade. In this write-up, we bring you the top 3 connected car technologies that are bound to move the market to a completely new level.

  1. Complete Smartphone Integration: It is dangerous to stay in touch with your smartphone while you drive. The carmakers seem eager to sort out this problem. Jaguar Land Rover recently came up with the JustDrive features that allow you to integrate all your apps and services with car’s system which then turns all these features into voice-activated systems. It helps the driver to stay focused on the road.

    Complete smartphone integration
    Complete smartphone integration
  2. Digital Dashboard: Recently, Audi came up with a 100 per cent digital dashboard that replaces the complete instrument cluster with a single screen. Developed in partnership with the NVIDIA Corporation, the system consists of a 12.3-inches display screen that displays 3-D graphics and exceptional clarity. The feature will be much useful to those who face reading challenges with key gauges. This feature will be sported by Audi’s new car, the 2016 TT.

    Digital dashboard
    Digital dashboard
  3. Teen Driver Monitor: Parents cannot always be with their kids to guide them about speed regulations and keep them from making mistakes. Hyundai presented a solution to this problem with a new app that allows the parent to set speed limits, number of operational hours, and travelling areas for their teenage kids. It is called as the Hyundai Blue Link Vehicle Safeguard Alerts In-Vehicle App.

    Hyundai blue link vehicle safeguard Aaerts in-vehicle app
    Hyundai blue link vehicle safeguard Alerts in-vehicle app


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