The Most Ideal Time To Buy A New Car In India

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The best time to buy a new car in India will strike the day you are able to tick mark all of the following points in your checklist:

 The most ideal time to buy a new car in india
The most ideal time to buy a new car in india
  • Ready To Apply For Car Loan: Purchasing a new car is still like a dream-come-true for many people in India. Though cars are a smaller investment compared to houses, but a larger down payment with regular EMIs is enough to strain your pockets. It is also true that car loans are a common thing these days, but it has to be a planned investment before you go for one. Whenever you can get the most reasonable and convenient deal from your nearest bank, it will be best time to buy a new car in India.

  • Financial Stability Achieved: Even before you apply for car loan, ensure that you have enough financial stability and credibility for gaining financial help. See, if you can make a larger down payment for new car models and reduce your EMIs for remaining loan period. For an average man it can be a big burden over pocket, so consider all aspects about your stability before jumping on to any such thing.

  • Festive Discounts: India is a land of celebration where every small thing is celebrated with joy and generosity. In case, the above two points are checked in your list, it is the third best point to look out for. If March-April is close by you may wait for Akshaya Tritiya, if you failed to make it then, you may wait for next two months will monsoons strike as the season comes with raining offers, and even if you missed that, just give it one more month, and the festivities will start flooding in along with plenty of offers for next six months right from September to January. The tenure includes series of festivities right from Rakshabandhan to Navratras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Christmas, New Year, Sankranti, and what not.

  • Launch Of New Car Models – India being a developing market is a hotbed for car launches throughout the year. Sometimes, car makers wait for the right moment for launch of new car models especially around festivities or beginning of new financial year. In case, you were keen to buy a specific kind of car, it is good to wait for launch of new models in that genre. Newly launched vehicles are comparatively cheaper compared to existing models.

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