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      Few Important Hypermiling Tips

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Hypermiling refers to the art of driving your car in a way that enhances its fuel economy. The practice has become a worldwide fad as inclination for environment friendly driving is taking a toll. Then there also exists a wider class that is more concerned about saving their fuel bills and improving fuel efficiency of their car by all means. Here are a few important hypermiling tips that will offer you some good points about smart driving:

      Few important hypermiling tips
      Few important hypermiling tips
      1. If you are habitual of driving in automatic driving mode, it is time that you shift your style to stick shift. It may require little time to get used to it, however, once you get adjusted to it, there is nothing better than it.

      2. One of the most important details of hypermiling is – it can only be accomplished when your speed level remains under limit. Over pressing of your gas pedal will only lead to extra fuel consumption leading to higher fuel billings.

      3. Another important hypermiling tips to be followed is always take your foot off from the accelerator as you see traffic light turning yellow. If you refrain till last moment to apply the brakes you will be wasting fuel and decreasing the fuel efficiency of your car.

      4. Cruise control is one of the best techniques that help in hypermiling. It keeps you from creeping up speed level without any effort.

      5. The more the luggage in your car, more difficult it will be for the vehicle to propel ahead. Keep you trunk free from unwanted loads and when you are on long trip try to carry only the most important things.

      6. On cold days, always try to park your car in sun as it will help in keeping the car warm and it will require less effort to start the car again. On the other side, in summers always try for a cool and shadowy corner.

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