Car Tyre Maintenance Tips For Summer

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Summer could be really tough for car tyres, as too much heat might affect the car’s fuel efficiency, steering sensitivity and durability. Therefore, tyres need extra care during summer or hot weather. Tyres don’t just hold the weight of the car, but connect the vehicle to the roads and handle the road obstacles as well. Despite that, tyres are often overlooked and ignored.

Car tyre maintenance tips for summer
Car tyre maintenance tips for summer

Below given are some handy tyre maintenance tips or basic car maintenance tips that will help in keeping your car in good shape.

How to maintain car tyres during summer?

Check tyre pressure: Heat can expand or contract the rubber tyres, and change their pressure that might lead to under-inflated tyres or tyres misalignment. Every 10-degree increase in temperature changes the tire pressure by one to two PSI (pounds per square inch). The tyre pressure constantly changes in hot weather. An under-inflated tyre might swell outward and exerts pressure on the sidewalls of the tyre. With constant heat exposure and increasing sidewall pressure, the tyre might blow. While an over-inflated tyre, with less surface contact, causes wear and tear of the treads. In a serious case, the tyre might burst out. Therefore, it is advised to check tyre pressure on a regular basis. Consult the owner’s manual or a car maintenance guide to know the recommended pressure for your car’s tyres. To keep the tyres cool in summers, you can pour some water on their rubber surface. Parking the car in a cool and shady place might also make a difference.

Nitrogen: Air expands faster than the Nitrogen. Replacing the air with nitrogen in tyres will save your weekly efforts made for checking the tyre pressure. But, it doesn’t mean that you can overlook tyres once filling them with the nitrogen.

Tyre valves: Checking the valves of tyres is one of the most important tyre maintenance tips. Make sure that the valves are well-shaped and the covering caps are fitted correctly. This will prevent air leakage or tyre puncture.

Spare tyre: Getting stuck with punctured tyre in middle of the way and run around finding a puncture shop could be a dreadful feeling for a driver. Therefore, always carry a spare tyre for such emergency situations.

Tyre Check: Check tyres for cracks, wear and tear or any other damage. You simply need to insert a coin between the treads of tyre to check for wear. If one-fourth of the coin isn’t between the tread, then replace it immediately.

There is no denying that tyres require little extra maintenance in hot weather. But, following the above-mentioned car maintenance tips, you can save extra efforts, time or money.

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