Vauxhall ADAM – Petrol Turbo in India

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If you want to see one car that has made its name in global car market despite its size, then turn to Vauxhall Adam. Low price, fuel economy and tiny dimensions are not enough to attract mass; you have to have speed and interior too in your car to survive in the market. If you want to own a car full of luxuries and newest technologies which look fresh and modern, then Vauxhall Adam should be the one name in your mind.

Vauxhall adam
Vauxhall adam

It won't be wrong to call it a new city car because the company has tried its best to make it a must-have modern car just like Volkswagen Group triplets and Hyundai i10. It can easily attract anyone's attention with the help of LED beautiful running lights, and an amazing griffin badge. This turbocharged petrol car is capable of giving you over the top experience. So no matter which age group you fall into, you can buy this eye-popping car to have the best driving experience of your lifetime.

On the basis of its tiny yet promising looks, some of the market experts call Vauxhall Adam, a ladies' car. According to reports, 60% of its sales is going to be done by female users. In an attempt to make Adam an eco-friendly car in India, the company has given an option of installing fuel-saving stop-start system in the car which will help car owners to save maximum fuel without affecting the environment.

When it comes to engine performance, it is equipped with 1229cc four-cylinder 16-valve petrol non-turbo engine which provides a good experience, both in rural, as well as urban areas. With a maximum power capacity of 69bhp at 5,600rpm and torque of 85lbs ft from 4,000rpm, it is one of the best cars to own. Although you need to put in some efforts while shifting five-speed manual gear of Adam, but its clutch and shift action are very light and smooth. Due to its less fuel consumption and a decent performance, experts call it a modern green car. It can go from 0 to 62 mph in as low as 14.9 seconds. This fuel efficient car is a nice combination of a powerful engine and excellent performance. The main reason of calling it a green car is but its environment friendly nature. Like any other green car, it doesn't harm environment and provide a top notched performance.

Although cars with shorter wheel base are always difficult to drive, but ADAM proves all the statements wrong with its excellent driving experience which lasts forever. Despite its sporty features, it's a fuel efficient car. It can give you top notched speed, but also save a lot of fuel like any other fuel efficient car in the market. Its big indicator light under the headlights helps it stand out of the crowd, and its shock wave around the door handle gives it distinctive looks rather than retro looks.

If you are in the mood to hit the Indian roads with a small yet powerful car, then Vauxhall Adam can be an excellent choice. This 3698mm long and 1720mm wide car can make you feel comfortable in rural as well as urban areas. So buy the newest offering of Vauxhall and make your ride and unforgettable experience.

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