Hollywood Celebrities And Their Green Cars

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Cars are a craze for most people around the world. Searching for cars that match their likes is a huge task. In today’s world cars reflect one's personality too. A huge Variety is available from which one may love to choose from. Now here, we go by looking at Hollywood celebrities and their green cars that might help you choosing a great car for yourself.

Leonardo dicaprio and his classy fisker karma
Leonardo dicaprio and his classy fisker karma

Green cars are preferred these days as it reduces pollution. Looking at Jay leno own a Smary Chevrolet Volt one would love to buy this car as this is electrically driven. This is a luxury car and falls as a choice of many those who love an almost sporting car. Next in the collection of Hollywood celebrities and their green cars comes Tesla Roadster. Green cars as this have been quite popular among celebrities like Anthony Kiedis, Matt Damon, Will Smith and of course stands as a great collection of Jay Leno too. This is an executive class car.

Other celebs green cars include Lexus LS600h-a car fit for a knight and is powered by two electric driven engines supporting the main engine. This is rated to be the most eco-friendly car given such fewer pollutant emissions as compared to any other car, and its proud owner is Sir Paul McCartney.

The Legendary, Leonardo Dicaprio, has personally been towards green cars and has featured advertisements for the same. He owns the classy Fisker Karma that glides along the road, a classic sports hybrid luxury car. This falls in the list of celebs green cars of Justin Bieber and Matt Damon.

Celebs green cars that are available in Indian Markets do include Nissan leaf expected to reach markets by December. Alyssa Milano, who owns this car, calls for people to go green cars to help save the environment. Lary David also owns a few fuel efficient cars, is also a proud owner of Toyota Prius. Other green car owners include Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Dustin Hoffman and Adrian Grenier.

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