Tips To Buy An Electric Car

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The culture of electric cars in India has gradually gained pace due to a variety of models being launched in the same segment. Also, the prospective buyers are becoming more concerned these days and tending towards the eco-friendly cars. There are two kinds of electric vehicle in the market – an all-electric model, which is solely powered by batteries and plug-in hybrid cars, which use the amalgamation of conventional engine and battery pack. A variety of domestic and global auto majors have presented their electric vehicle in India that have been appreciated and purchased by a considerable number of consumers. People who desire to buy these fuel-efficient cars are not short of options; however there are certain tips and tricks to be considered before buying the same:

Electric car
Electric car
  • Deciding the utility and budget: The first and foremost tip for buying electric cars in India is to examine their utility. If one has to travel longer distances then hybrid cars are a more optimal solution as even if the battery of these vehicles get drained, they can still run on diesel or petrol. People who have to cover short distances can opt for all-electric vehicles as they can charge it conveniently after reaching the destination and do not have to worry about the battery getting drained in mid-way. Also, the budget is an important factor while deciding as to which electric vehicle is best suited for a person.

  • Consider the charging options: This is also a significant aspect to examine before tending to buy the eco-friendly cars. One should properly inspect the charging options available at his/her residence or neighbourhood. Also, it is important to see if these cars have a fast-charging option and if they can be charged with a powerful source as against the standard 110 V or 220 V socket.

  • Research thoroughly: After a decision is made, then people should search for the best prices available in the market for these eco-friendly cars. One can search on a number of portals, which compare the prices and special offers on various electric cars in India. The same can also be done by visiting the nearest dealership and enquiring the salesperson or the manager of the outlet. People can also ask for special offers or discounts if there aren't any, as these cars generally cost more than their standard models. The profit margin is considerably more on electric cars and therefore, the dealerships might grant the users some special offering on a new purchase.

Checking the after-sale maintenance: Although, the electric cars require less maintenance, they need to be driven carefully else the fuel efficiency will be compromised in the longer run. Regular services of the cars should be done from the authorised dealerships only. Also, it is advised to not charge the all-electric vehicles until around 15-20 percent battery is only left. Charging the batteries of these cars when they are only half drained reduces their capacity and life-cycle. Taking proper measures might yield a good performance electric car, which is beneficial for the environment as well as the pockets of the buyer.

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