How To Travel In Your Car With Pets

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Travelling with pets require extra carefulness. These little beings cannot express their discomfort through words and the gestures they make to express is not always comprehensible. Therefore, car travelling tips like that of installing seat belts, pet carriers and air bags for pets are necessary. The car should have a basic first aid box for pets, too that has all the basic and SOS medicines a pet requires during a medical emergency. If you are driving with your pet, the following tips for driving a car with pets will come handy to you:

How to travel in your car with pets

How to travel in your car with pets

If you are driving alone, belt the pet on the pillion seat. If you have someone on the pillion seat, ensure that your pet is buckled too. Carry water and food from home for your pet, especially during long drives. If it is during the winters, make your pet wear a basic garment, be it of cloth. Furry beings can generate body heat themselves but a basic precaution is necessary.

Things made up of sharp metal should be disposed of, if you are travelling with your pet. One of the wise tips for travelling with pets if possible, is to make your pet exercise before you leave so that it is mostly on rest when you are driving with it.  If you are carrying the pet in a crate, the crate should be spacious enough. The pet should not feel claustrophobic at point of time. Avoid feeding your pet just before leaving. The pet should be kept hydrated on periodic intervals. Try not to sedate your dog with medicines, they are detrimental.

Among other car travelling tips, one primary tip is that the pet might have a case of motion sickness or is claustrophobic. This can be adjusted by taking it out for short trips. If the holiday is a long one that you are planning, the pet should be well adjusted beforehand. Get the vaccinations done, if the trip is a long one and ask for precautionary tips for the veterinary doctor. Apart from these, one of the most important tips for driving a car with pets is to carry food and water bowl, soap, shampoo, towel and other toiletry essentials. All the belongings of the pet, including the chain, should have the owner’s name and contact details.

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